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How to write a good product review for YouTube video 2022?

Before making a purchase, people look at product review or service that interests them. You can order a product review and get comprehensive information about it. This alternative won’t fulfill either the purchaser who needed a specific item or the merchant who needs to safeguard his standing. A well-done review will help reduce the risks of a failed purchase.

What is a product review

what is product review

What is a product review?

A product overview is a summary of information about it. The main goal is to present information in a convenient, profitable, useful way for a potential consumer. Point out the benefits and drawbacks of the item.15 non-obvious and practically applicable chips for the operation of an online store – round table 8P 2018 The review is just one of the opinions, but the paradox is that buyers tend to trust others’ experiences. This is often more effective than the most detailed instructions on the websites. Online stores… After viewing a review, a potential customer, for example, will abandon the purchase and save money. And if the product in the review seems suitable, useful, necessary, the person will save time on searches. The user benefit is clear. The purpose of the review is not to sell, but to provide the most useful description. It is up to the user to decide whether to buy something or not. It is the personal experience of using a product or service that is valued. Rewriting information that is on the Internet cannot be called a complete overview.

What are the product review formats

What are the product review formats

What are the product review formats?

Anti-case: promotion of with the help of video bloggers
You can order a video review of a product only if you know which format you need. The following formats existproduct overview:

Single .

This type of review includes a description of a single subject. It reveals all its features, pros and cons, nuances of application. It is descriptive, with the exception of the final part, where the reviewer concludes that the product is useful or unhelpful.

Comparative .

It consists in comparing several alternative things. Usually products of the same company are compared. They write little about the minuses, they mainly describe the winning features, comparing which is better.

Competitive .

This type of presentation is very similar to a comparative survey, but it differs in that it compares the products of competing companies. Otherwise, the meaning is the same – based on personal experience, describe the features of the product, their advantages and distinctive features.

How to use videos to increase online sales

How to use videos to increase online sales

How to use videos to increase online sales

Reviews can be written as an article or filmed… The latter format is more popular, as it allows you to visually evaluate the product. In addition, in the view of users, with videos, it is more likely that the browser is sharing their own experience, rather than taking their data out of thin air. It is important that the information provided is adequate: argumentation, competent written or oral speech, good quality photographs or videos, an unbiased opinion of the author. A review, where the merits of one product are deliberately underestimated in order to present another in a more favourable light, looks pretentious and stupid. Few people will be guided by such information.

Where product reviews can be used

Where product reviews can be used

Where product reviews can be used

Product reviews are used in virtually all virtual marketing industries:
in online stores that want to attract visitors to make a purchase;
on thematic forums and sites in video blogs, if the review is in video format.
All services where the publication of a review is possible are divided into paid and free.

Product overview structural blocks

Product overview structural blocks

If you want to learn and understand how to shoot a product review, the first thing you need to know is that the submission of the material is divided into several structural blocks:
Title . Can be affirmative, interrogative, or descriptive.

Introduction or introduction.

It should be short, clear and engaging. To do this, you can try to answer the questions: “Who is interested in the product?”, “How effective is it?”, “How did the product attract attention?” etc.

Description of goods.

In this part, you need to talk about what the product is, what its technical characteristics are, who is the manufacturer, and so on. It can often be combined with or used in place of an intro.

Features of use.

The person who used the product may be aware of this. If we are talking about technology, we can say that the device “fits comfortably in the hand”, “does not slip”, “pleasant to the touch” and so on.

Personal experience.

Viewers or readers will be grateful for information on the procedure for handling the product, and what feelings the user experienced.

List of pros and cons.

List of pros and cons.

List of pros and cons.

Usually, reviews describe only the pros, which is not entirely correct, because anything or service has some disadvantages. It is more rational to indicate at least a few nuances that you didn’t like or didn’t fit.


Buyers pay attention to price when buying, the issue of price must also be taken into account, but it is profitable and in detail to tell what benefits a person pays for and what he will receive for his money.

Conclusion and summing up .

At the end of the review, as at the beginning, several questions can be answered. For example, expressing pleasure or dissatisfaction with a purchase. The structure of the presentation of the material can be modified, some items can be deleted or additions can be inserted. The text is formed depending on the audience and the subject of the review. This is not a technical transfer of information, as in the instructions, but an attempt to share our own experience.

Requirements for the design of reviews
Product reviews from Aliexpress and other online stores must meet certain requirements. If they are not used, it will be impossible to achieve genuine interest in the review.